Top Creator Platforms for eCommerce Brands that Need High-Performing UGC Video Content

Looking to take your Shopify eCommerce brand to the next level? Consider leveraging the power of creator platforms. In this article, we've compiled a list of the top creator platforms for Shopify brands, along with key features and benefits of each. From influencer marketing to affiliate programs, discover how these platforms can help drive traffic and sales for your business.

The Best Creator Platforms for eCommerce brands

DTC e-comm brands understand the impact and importance of video across content strategies and customer journeys. That’s the easy part.

Sourcing and creating content that sets your brand apart and inspires shoppers is challenging. That’s why Creator Platforms exist & why we created this document. In a crowded space, with variety of options, we hope this provides some guidance and direction in your search to find the right platform for you.

Creator Platform: Key Definitions

Pricing Model

Custom: In order to work with the platform, you must contact sales to determine the appropriate pricing package based on your content creation needs and budget.

Subscription: Platform requires a monthly payment, either fitting within a pre-determined package of features at a specific price, or negotiated on a per brand bases.

Per Project: Platform works with brands on a campaign bases, identifying campaign needs and agreeing to a price that fits within those content requirements.

Per Asset: Platform is transparent about price per piece of content sourced, whether its a package of a set number of videos (credits), or one video

Creator Type

UGC: UGC creators are people that create content that feels organic, showcasing a product or service in the form of photos, videos, blog posts, reviews, social media posts, and more.  There can be both organic (free) and paid UGC.

Influencer: An influencer is a person regarded as an expert within their particular field that also has a large and steady audience of followers.  By follower count: Micro- 10-50K, Mid-Tier- 50-100K, Macro- 100K-1M, Mega/ “Celebrity”- 1M+.

Service Model

Whitegloved: Brand receives human support throughout their campaign building and execution process.

Self Service: Brand is expected to leverage platform resources on their own, without human support.

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Top Creator Platforms for Shopify ecommerce brands

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