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Brand Description •  Is not your average beauty company. We specialize in what we call “functional beauty,” meaning all of our products are designed to not only make you look beautiful while you wear them, but to provide deeper benefits.”

What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable Video (also Video Shopping), combines video and product shopping into one media format.

This removes friction from brand video, enabling customers to purchase products directly.

Does Novel help me create the videos?

Novel’s specialty is video technology, not content creation, however, we’ve built out an expansive list of the best platforms for sourcing creator content.

Where do the videos come from?

Video’s can be pulled directly from your brand’s social platforms (Instagram & TikTok), or uploaded from your own storage sources; your computer, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

What aspect ratio of video works best?

While we support all aspect ratios, we recommend using 9:16 which is optimized for mobile devices.

Videos shot in vertical format see a 40% lift in impressions compared to videos using a square or horizontal aspect ratio.

What types of videos do you recommend?

While all types of videos can be effective in telling your brand story, we recommend a format that feels organic and is shorter in length (21 to 34 secs).

The highest performing video content is User Generated Content (UGC), or videos directly from customers.  Other video formats that perform well are 1) ‘founder-centric’ and 2) higher quality product unboxing and/or usage.

Can I sell multiple products per video?

Yes, you can sell multiple products showcased in one video!

Does Novel impact website page speed?

No, Novel does not impact site page speed. We use a combination of strategies to protect the user experience:

• Lazy loading video content. On the initial page load, Novel immediately renders a short clip of the first scene. Within 500ms to 1.5secs after page load, the full video asset replaces the short clip and the impact of the loading is never felt by the end user.

• Novel hosted video. Novel uses a one-line video reference ID to run a small script that plays the video. All video and its corresponding components are hosted and fetched by Novel.

Is Novel a Shopify App?

Yes, Novel is a private Shopify App that can be downloaded following a quick demo. Schedule your demo today!

Where does Shoppable video go on my website?

Novel Shoppable Videos are enabled for any and all Shopify pages. That said, we recommend adding a video experience directly on your home-page, just below the fold.  This will optimize the amount of engagement and sales conversions.

How do I contact Novel if I need support?

Reach out via email to