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How TYME Uses Video Shopping To Increase Sales By 18.2% Across The Buyer Journey

TYME designs products that give every individual the confidence to recognize their own unique beauty. As a small company, and a family, TYME is committed to making life easier with superior products, next level customer service and education.

26x ROI
Over a two-week period
26x ROI
Over a two-week period
26x ROI
Over a two-week period

Activate your video content to drive
eCommerce conversion.

In 2017, Jacynda Smith, CEO & Founder of TYME, worked to build a small team of driven individuals who value their own time. Since then, she  has built a work environment that is genuine, conscious, and fluid - values she aims to communicate in her content strategy. As TYME has grown, so too has their need for a steady stream of high-quality content across their e-commerce channels.

TYME turned to Cohley & Novel to help scale their video growth, and bring each product to life throughout the end-to-end shopping experience; here are the core areas we set out to tackle:

1. Driving revenue with this content, directly on their website. As a pillar of their buyer journey, TYME looked to Novel to effectively and performantly integrate this content on their Shopify storefront.
2. Attributing ROI across each piece of content. When a brand has clarity around this metric, they can continue to invest in similar style videos with confidence.
3. Humanize their products on-site. TYME wanted to find ways to paint a clear picture of how their product works, the benefits, and the results for each visitor that came to their website.
4. Decrease the bounce rate, and increase the amount of time each user spends on the site.

Within minutes, TYME had their top performing social content LIVE on their website,
seeing positive conversion impact within the first 24 hours.

From Social Media to Their Website,
Video Can Do It All

At the onset of working together, TYME worked with Cohley and Novel to identify the best performing content  to drive website sales, based on core engagement metrics from their TikTok. This is an effective way to determine which content resonates with your buyers and has a strong correlation to the content’s ability to convert on-site.

Within 30 minutes of onboarding and syncing their social content within Novel’s studio, TYME was able to scale their UGC video across their Shopify webpages; homepage, PDPs, and landing pages alike.

The impact of Novel’s seamless integration was  immediate and powerful. Video commerce drove more engagement, longer session-times, and improved the conversion of each page it was placed on.

Beyond that, Novel’s shoppable video experience gave shoppers a unique & innovative way to purchase product directly through video, at the moment of inspiration, directly on-site.


After a month of  video integrated across their website through Novel’s Shopify App, TYME saw significant improvement to their website's engagement. Shoppers are staying more often and for longer, ensuring higher quality sessions that generate more sales and brand loyalty.


Shoppable videos created

1m 48s

Average session time/shopper


Decrease in bounce rate


Video revenue in first 30 days


Unique video orders


Increase in conversion
A true solution for testing, optimizing, and attributing conversions to content efforts. We had two main struggles within our creative marketing efforts: content ROI, and an easily digestible visual representation of our product’s value on our website. Novel allows us to clearly attribute conversions to specific pieces of content, which gives us the data to make informed decisions when picking content for our ads strategy. Novel creates a space for our products' unique features and benefits to shine from the moment a customer lands on the page.
Creative Marketing Director, TYME

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