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$1,400,000 over 12 months for leading beauty brand, NuFACE

NuFACE is the leader in at-home beauty devices helping every client look and feel more beautiful. Using its flagship technology, microcurrent, NuFACE® award-winning products are clinically shown to help tone, firm and reduce the look of wrinkles, providing both visibly instant results and cumulative benefits.

Converting more customers with video at every corner of the website

As pioneers of the beauty device industry, NuFACE was tasked with also pioneering the most effective ways to educate consumers on the value propositions of their cutting edge technology; benefits, results, how-to’s, best practices, etc..  As authoritative content through blog posts was being pumped out on the NuFACE website, the brand was also ramping up its efforts to match the modern surgance in short-form content, building up home-grown content as well as pushing hundreds of videos across social. With this now surplus of content, NuFACE was searching for ways to find further value in the video assets, while also bringing that same storytelling power to the website to improve site conversion.


Enhancing the Shopping Experience
NuFACE wanted to inject the same impact video was having on other channels, across the different experiences of their website.

Improving Conversion Rates
The brand aimed to turn browsers into buyers by offering video storytelling as a way to engage customers throughout the website journey.

Leveraging Brand Content
NuFACE had compelling brand content across other platforms but lacked a cohesive strategy to maximize its impact by introducing it to the website.

Content Integration

Novel seamlessly connected with NuFACE's social media as well as team file hosting platforms, allowing for quick import of top performing branded content.

NuFACE showcased a collection of UGC content on their homepage as a shoppable carousel embed

Shoppable Storytelling:

With Novel's tools, NuFACE transformed its brand stories into video shopping experiences across the website.

Strategic Placement

Novel provided customizable video layouts, allowing NuFACE to seamlessly embed shoppable video feeds across its website in a way that authentically matched the webpages; homepage (carousel), collection pages (overlay), and product pages (stories).

NuFACE showcased a collection of UGC content on their homepage as a shoppable carousel embed

They also added educational content to Collection pages  to educate users on how products and how they're used

NuFACE enhanced the shopping experience on Product Pages with a mix of UGC showing the product in action

Converting more customers with video at every corner of the website

Improvement in page-conversion rates
Influenced revenue from Novel Embeds
2 minutes
Average watch time per user session
“Novel has enabled our team to make our top-performing brand + storytelling content go further, accelerating both brand recognition and time to convert. Having intentional content is a core pillar for us in driving quality revenue, and Novel was a key piece of that optimization unlock for us.”
Marie Leroux
VP, Direct-to-Consumer

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